Happy New Year!
We believe that 2021 will be successful and productive for everyone. We wish you new achievements, happy events and success! Cheers
STARS MET processes metal
You can endlessly look at some things: how water flows, how fire burns and how STARS MET processes metal.
A special New Year's tradition.
We are confident that almost everyone has their own New Year's tradition.Our office administrator, Julija Bjalkovska, told us about hers:
Order for Tampere, Finland: construction process
STARS MET is participating in a project in Tampere, Finland.
Order for Bredbyn, Sweden: construction process
STARS MET continues to conquer the Scandinavian market. 
We have recently manufactured and delivered 17 tons of steel structures for our new client in Bredbyn, Sweden.
Evita Shapale about foreign partners of STARS MET
STARS MET is a company with extensive experience in foreign markets. The project manager and sales specialist Evita Shapale said about how we work with foreign partners.
The Museum of the Occupation in Latvia:construction process
We recently reported that we have produced steel structures for the Museum of the Occupation in Riga. We visited the site and would like to show what is happening there at this moment.
Wastewater treatment plant in Viesite: construction process
STARS MET completed the manufacture and supply of steel structures for the wastewater treatment plant in Viesite.
Daugavpils Construction College
STARS MET participated in the implementation of the new building of the Daugavpils Construction College, where the training ground was located.
New order: New Riga Theater’s reconstruction
STARS MET has started the realization of a new large-scale project.We are talking about the New Riga Theater’s reconstruction, where we will supply our metal structures.
Kindergarten in Jaunmarupe:start of construction
The construction of a kindergarten in Jaunmarupe is gaining momentum.The supply and installation of steel structures has begun.
Process of production
Steel structures are widely used in modern industrial and commercial construction. And the technologies for their creation are constantly being improved.
Welding is product quality
High-quality welding is one of the most important stages in the production of metal structures.STARS MET pays a lot of attention to this process.
LIDL in Daugavpils: construction process
Recently we said that we are starting the production of structures for the third LIDL store in Latvia, which is built-in Daugavpils, and promised to share photos from the construction site soon.
STARS MET Wall of Pride and Achievement
Here we post all our certificates, diplomas and gratitude.
The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia’s reconstruction
In Riga, The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia’s reconstruction continues. The construction of a new memorial building, for which our company has produced metal structures, continues too.
Riga Technical University: construction process
In summer, we showed the beginning of construction of a new building of the Riga Technical University.
New order - LIDL Daugavpils, Latvia
STARS MET will start the production of metal structures for the new LIDL store, which will be built in Daugavpils at street November 18, 146.
Latvijas Maiznieks: construction process
Supplying of metal structures for Latvijas Maiznieks product warehouse continues.
Order for Bredbyn, Sweden
When STARS MET is preparing the order to one of the Scandinavian countries, it is easy to determine.