We recently had a small corporate photo shoot
We leave the group photo here - to remember!
New order!
Our new order for the construction company UPB Grotta is to produce 322 tons of steel structures.
Stars Met continues to implement projects for our customers in Sweden
So, now we are engaged in the production of 40 tons of metal structures for an industrial building in Oxelesund.
It will be a warehouse for storing tanks with bitumen.
Object in the city of Madona
The installation of a small object in the city of Madona has been completed.
14 tons of steel structures - done!
New certificate!
High-quality welding is one of the most important conditions for the durability of future metal structures.
We send greetings and congratulations to all metallurgists of the world!
Today is our day!
Our profession is more than 6 thousand years old.
The New Riga Theater
This time a small photo report from the construction site of the New Riga Theater
Happy Ligo holiday!
Let flowers bloom in your soul, and twinkles always burn in your eyes!
Successfully passed certification
Once again successfully passed the EN1090 certification.
Öjebyn in Sweden
Our customer from Öjebyn in Sweden sent a photo of the already assembled metal structures that we supplied from Daugavpils.
Metalworking is a man's business.
The kindergarten in Tampere, Finland
We have already sent 93 of 457 tons of metal structures to the kindergarten in Tampere, Finland.
Our project manager for the Swedish market
Julia is our project manager for the Swedish market.
We are the very company that will accompany you from the beginning to the end of the project.
The gas station in Jekabpils
Despite the cloudy weather, it is always pleasant to come to the gas station and have a hot coffee. Especially knowing that we supplied all the metal structures there.
The reconstruction at Riga Technical University
We shared the photo of the new RTU building last summer, so it's time to show you what it looks like now.
The object in Öjebyn, Sweden
STARS MET continues to expand into foreign markets.
In our work with metal, we use plasma cutting technology. Plasma cutting has many advantages
In our work with metal, we use plasma cutting technology. Plasma cutting has many advantages:
The construction of SAMPO school and kindergarten in Tampere
457 tons of steel structures will be supplied to Finland for the construction of SAMPO school and kindergarten in Tampere.
Happy Easter
Although we are a brutal team working with heavy and cold metal, we become kinder and lighter holding an Eastern rabbit. 
Happy holidays!