LIDL in Daugavpils: construction process
Recently we said that we are starting the production of structures for the third LIDL store in Latvia, which is built-in Daugavpils, and promised to share photos from the construction site soon.
STARS MET Wall of Pride and Achievement
Here we post all our certificates, diplomas and gratitude.
The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia’s reconstruction
In Riga, The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia’s reconstruction continues. The construction of a new memorial building, for which our company has produced metal structures, continues too.
Riga Technical University: construction process
In summer, we showed the beginning of construction of a new building of the Riga Technical University.
New order - LIDL Daugavpils, Latvia
STARS MET will start the production of metal structures for the new LIDL store, which will be built in Daugavpils at street November 18, 146.
Latvijas Maiznieks: construction process
Supplying of metal structures for Latvijas Maiznieks product warehouse continues.
Order for Bredbyn, Sweden
When STARS MET is preparing the order to one of the Scandinavian countries, it is easy to determine.
New order - kindergarten in Jaunmarupe
Our company has entered into a contract for the manufacture and installation of metal structures for one of the most beautiful objects in recent years: a kindergarten in Jaunmārupe, Latvia
Greetings from Scandinavia!
A little cold on a summer day!
We would like to recall a small object in Piteå, Sweden.
Assembly of steel structures has begun at "Latvijas Maiznieks"
Our company has started to supply metal structures for the warehouse of finished products of the enterprise “Latvijas Maiznieks”.
"LATS" store in Jekabpils, Latvia
We want to talk about the store "LATS" in Jekabpils, Latvia, the construction of which have not gone without our participation.
Delivery of structures to the DEPO site is over
The installation of metal structures at the DEPO facility in Riga is coming to the end. All 620 tons of metal structures are now in their place.
Sports Center in Ilūkste
We propose to plunge into the past and periodically publish here information about the projects in which we participated.
DEPO object: construction process
One more DEPO store will open its doors to visitors very soon!
At this stage of construction, our work is also clearly visible.